Sep 22, 2016

Aari Work Demo

 Puthiya Thalaimurai - TV channel for Showcasing our program on Aari Embroidery dated 02/05/2015 ("Sikkanam + Semippu = Selvam")

Mar 29, 2016

Sri Aari Creative's Students' Work

We have posted some of our students first Aari embroidered designer blouses.After completion of their Basic Aari Course; In their first design itself they can produce a professional touch!

Sep 21, 2015

First time Soutache Jewellery In India - specialized in Soutache Jhumkas

Soutache originated in France from 1850s. It is a kind of cord used for jewellery making. It's more popular in Europe.

Most commonly, Soutache Jewellery in Europe are designed using cord's stitched around the Stones, finishing with seed beads.

Since most of our Indians like Jhumkas. For the first time in India, we "Sri Aari Creatives" have created jhumkas using soutache cord in 2014. This wonderful art is hand made "HAND EMBROIDERED JEWELLERY". It's Light weight & Water Resistance.